HF#68 Sustainable Underwear To Wear Slow, Compost Fast with Stacy Grace of KENT

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HF#68 Sustainable Underwear To Wear Slow, Compost Fast with Stacy Grace of KENT

In episode 68, Stacy Grace shares how being frustrated with the overabundance of synthetic underwear options available, she set out with her husband and co-founder Jeff to create Kent – a fully compostable, natural underwear brand. Three years after launch, Kent offers underwear and basics for women and men that are soft and breathable and you get to “plant your pants” when you are done with them.

Stacy Grace is the founder of KENT, the compostable underwear brand that’s on a mission to help save the planet, one super natural basic at a time. A Canadian living in LA, Stacy started her career in sustainable business consulting across apparel, consumer goods and entertainment in North America, UK and Europe and started KENT after being frustrated with her underwear drawer filled with scratchy, unbreathable and uncomfortable synthetics.

Stacy Grace of Kent on the How Fitting podcast episode 68

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The reason why Stacy wanted to start a sustainable underwear brand
  • Why small and mid-sized brands are the ones driving change towards a more sustainable future
  • What Stacy spent a couple years researching before launching Kent
  • The benefits of natural fibers for underwear
  • How Kent underwear can be home composted at end of life
  • The fun story behind the brand name Kent
  • The biggest lesson Stacy has learned in the three years of running Kent
  • Why Stacy wanted to have control over her supply chain and materials

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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