SEO For Fashion Brand Websites with Glynis Tao

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SEO For Fashion Brand Websites with Glynis Tao

In episode 73 – the second episode in our summer fashion business series – apparel business consultant and SEO expert Glynis Tao of Chase Your Dreams consulting demystifies SEO for fashion brands. She explains how SEO works, why fashion brand owners should care, and how an optimized e-commerce website helps you serve your customers better (and make more sales).

Glynis is a clothing brand owner turned Business Consultant & SEO Specialist with 20 years apparel industry experience. She helps fashion entrepreneurs and clothing brand owners launch, build and grow their fashion e-commerce business. She’s the founder of Chase Your Dreams, which is an apparel consulting agency that specializes in SEO for fashion e-commerce brands who want to increase organic traffic, rank higher in search engines and make more sales online. Glynis has expertise in technical design, product development, domestic and overseas garment manufacturing, fabric sourcing, new business development, and search engine optimization. She has been featured on the front page of the business sections of the Vancouver Sun, National Post, The Globe & Mail and has been interviewed on CBC Radio.

Glynis Tao of Chase Your Dreams Consulting on the How Fitting podcast episode 73

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The sections every fashion e-commerce website should have
  • The three things that should be on the top of your website home page
  • How a blog can bring traffic (and customers) to your website
  • What SEO is and why fashion brand owners should care about it
  • Key changes to your site that can improve your brand’s SEO
  • How to balance content creation for readers versus search engines
  • How to know if your SEO is working
  • Why SEO is like good customer service
  • When it might make sense to DIY your website’s SEO or hire a professional

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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